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Sticking Instructions

Because we hope you enjoy your sticker for a long time, we have written out a few instructions and tips on how to best place it.


1. Degrease

Degreasing is actually the most important step for a good adhesion of the sticker, so take the time to enjoy your sticker for a long time. Choose the place where you want to place your sticker. Degrease it well with a professional cleaner / degreaser, warm water with detergent or cleaning alcohol. Do not use products that leave a protective layer, as this may reduce the adhesion.


2. Sticker

Place the sticker on a flat surface (table, etc.) and rub it evenly with round and straight movements (use a cloth if necessary). This makes it easier to release the sticker from the (white) carrier. It is the intention that the sticker simply detaches from the (white) carrier, if not, stick it back carefully and rub again.


3. Stick

If you are sure that you have degreased the surface properly, you can start sticking. Fold a corner of the (white) carrier, now you see the transparent foil where the sticker is on. Stick a start on the surface and proceed very slowly and carefully removing the (white) carrier until the entire sticker is on the surface. Rub the sticker well and make sure there is no air underneath, you can do this with your fingers, a squeegee or a pass. (Do this carefully!) The sticker is now on the surface with the foil. Remove the clear film slowly and carefully, and as tightly as possible along the surface. If there is anything left on the clear film, gently replace it and start rubbing again. By pulling the foil at an oblique angle, you can remove the entire foil from the sticker. If the sticker is on it, rub / press it a little longer. The optimum temperature for sticking the sticker is between 10 and 25 degrees.


Pay attention: Use car wash at your own risk. If you place the sticker on the rear window, take into account the use of the wiper, if the sticker is placed correctly, occasional use is no problem. Especially take into account the finely cut and sharp corners of the sticker.